Save 15% annually on electricity costs* with Nexamp Community Solar. 

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No upfront costs, long term contracts, or cancellation fees.

*Excludes minimum delivery service charge

Benefits of Community Solar

Save 15% annually on electricity costs*

No long term contracts or cancellation fees

No rooftop solar panels required

No credit checks

Stay with your current utility company

Support local clean energy

*Excludes minimum delivery service charge

How Community Solar Works

1. Subscribe to an upcoming solar farm in your community

2. Once it's built, clean energy flows into your utility grid

3. Receive community solar credits for your share of the energy on your utility bill*

*Credits will appear on your utility bill 2-3 billing cycles after the farm goes live. Once you receive the credits, you’ll start to pay Nexamp at the discounted amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install solar panels on my roof?

Nope. We build and maintain the panels on our nearby solar farm. You don’t have to build, install or hook up a thing.

How does it lower my electricity costs?

Your allocated share of the solar farm earns you energy credits as it generates power. These credits are automatically applied towards your account and reduce what you owe to your utility. You’ll pay us at a 15% discount for these credits compared to what your utility would have charged you.

For example, if your portion of the farm generates $100 worth of electricity, you would only pay Nexamp $85. There is a minimum utility charge that you will continue to pay to your utility each month same as always (generally $6-$12), but all of your other delivery and supply charges are able to be offset.

Does this mean I no longer receive power from my local utility?

No. Your power will still be delivered to your home by the same company – we’ll just feed our energy into their grid. If there’s ever a problem or outage, you’ll get the exact same service from the exact same people.

Do I get two bills?

Yes (for now). We’ll send you a monthly statement for your share of the farm, and you’ll keep getting your regular electric bill (minus your earned credits). You can sign up for automatic bill pay, which can help alleviate any extra work.

How do I get started?

All you need is your zip code. If you’re eligible, we’ll reach out to chat more about your eligibility, and ask for your utility account number or a copy of your electric bill so we can see your usage and determine the size of your allocation.

When will I start seeing my bill credits?

You should start seeing credits on your utility bill 2-3 months after your project goes live. Nexamp is currently developing multiple solar farms across the state of Maine and by enrolling now, you are reserving your spot in one of these solar farms before they fill to capacity. We’ll keep you updated with project updates as we approach your project going live!

Does Nexamp use door-to-door sales?

To ensure your safety, Nexamp does not use door-to-door sales to enroll residents in community solar.

If someone comes to your door to enroll you in Nexamp Community Solar, do not enroll and please call us at 800-945-5124.

What’s the catch?

No catch. We believe in doing right by people and, well, the world. We’ll never lock you into an annual contract, never charge you any upfront fees, and never charge you to walk away—if you don’t like the service, you can cancel without penalty at any time.

A trusted provider

The flexibility is fantastic...It's been easy. That's what we expected, and that's what we got.

– Aldo and Elaine, Nexamp Subscribers (MA)

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